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Yep is video chat that...
has no time limits,
is completely free,
is super easy to use,
doesn’t make you log in,
doesn’t ask for your email,
works with up to 12 people,
doesn’t require any download,
lets everyone share their screens at once,
loves iPhones, PCs, Androids, and Macs,
makes remote work feel not so remote,
doesn’t make you knock to join,
doesn’t know who you are,
and doesn’t care.

Yep Screenshot

Yep is great for...
connecting with friends and family,
spontaneous work meetings,
recurring work meetings,
getting in a quick design sprint,
helping dad fix his computer,
calling on a new prospect,
getting help with homework,
checking the pulse of the sales team,
Getting face time with Android users,
and just about anything else
you use video chat for.

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